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Terms of use
The purpose of the University of the Highlands and Island's (UHI's) image library is to store good quality images for use throughout the UHI partnership to enhance the quality of marketing materials. In offering this service, UHI Executive Office will endeavour to ensure that the images it makes available are copyright free, although it cannot and does not guarantee this. Images under a copyright that does not belong to UHI will be clearly marked and permission to use such images must be requested from the owner of these images. As a user of the service you will agree to these terms and conditions, and are responsible for all activities and content you download and/or upload.

Any images uploaded by staff at a partner institution must have the relevant permissions and copyright clearly marked. If images are not marked with copyright details, it will be assumed that they may be accessed and downloaded by any user of the image library.

Prohibited uses
You will not upload any content (including text, images, sound, video or data) or otherwise use the service in a way that contravenes the JANET acceptable use policy.
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